WillDog Products was established by Gary Smith and Richard Gaines- two childhood friends that grew up in a housing complex located in Long Beach, New York. Kids in the neighborhood nicknamed the housing complex "The Wilderness" or for short "WillDog" because of how wild it was. At that time, the housing complex was plagued with high crime, drugs and violence. 

One day, the two friends were speaking on how the cosmetic industry had too many companies that were selling products with harmful chemicals and not providing all natural vegetable based products. From that discussion, the two friends decided to start a company and they named it WillDog Products...paying homage to where they grew up.

The mission of WillDog Products is to provide customers with an alternative to the harmful chemicals contained in most health and beauty products. In 2009, the two friends started the business by selling products locally in their neighborhood. In 2011, due to the overwhelming support from the local community, they decided to branch out to the other four boroughs. In 2013, they expanded the business to New Jersey, incorporated and built a website.

Although WillDog Products is a relatively new company it's growing rapidly and becoming a household name both locally and nationally. Their vision is to continue to service the community by providing healthy products, new and up to date information, and to provide job opportunities for low income people.

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